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5 Simple Tips for Picking Out a New Truck

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Trucks are very handy things to own. They work for towing, carrying and can still hold a whole family in the cabin, depending on the type of truck. If you’re looking at trucks for sale at car dealerships, you may want to look specifically at a truck dealership. Many auto dealers will offer both cars and trucks for sale but you may have better luck finding new and used trucks for sale at a place that specializes in trucks. Here are some things to consider when buying a truck.

Let your budget be your determining factor.
You should already have a budget said before you begin looking at trucks for sale. This can determine the year, make and model of the truck you are going to buy. It can also make it a lot easier for salesman to figure out what you need if you have a maximum amount. If you are going to be getting a loan or finance the truck, then it is a good idea to make sure that the monthly payment does not exceed 20% of your net income.

Figure out what the truck is for.
Different types of trucks work better for different types of things. If you are going to be using your truck for work during the day but for the family during the evening, you will want a different kind of truck then an empty nester looking to hold an RV around the country. If you can figure out what you will be carrying or towing then you can decide between a light duty, medium duty or a heavy duty truck. Getting the right size truck is particularly important so that you’re not disappointed your truck ends up being too small for what you need.

Look at engine type and size for good fuel economy.
If you’re concerned about your mileage or fuel economy then you’ll need to choose the right engine size. You want to have enough power but still get good mileage. Trucks are known to be gas guzzlers but in the past 10 years, they have really progressed and are now much more fuel efficient than they used to be. If you are buying a brand new truck from a dealership, the salesman might not know or want to tell you about the fuel economy for certain truck. Before you commit to buying anything make sure you research the type of truck that you are looking at and read reviews from real people regarding fuel economy.

Make sure you know about cabin bed sizes.
There are generally three different cab sizes. The typical work truck has one row of seating which really can only fit two people. Then you have the crew cab truck which has four doors and a fairly roomy backseat. Lastly, you have a mega cab which offers extensive legroom. The cab size has an effect on the length of the bed. A larger cab will likely take away link from the bed. If you want a large cab and a long bed then you will need a truck that has a longer wheelbase but it might be harder to maneuver.

Check for fees and regulations
Depending on your states motor vehicle department, a large truck may need a special license or require paying extra fees. For example, a light duty truck must pay a $251 weight fee in California. Each state has different fees and regulations depending on the type of truck that you have. Some are one time fees and some are monthly fees. Make sure that you can afford these fees on top of what you are paying for the truck itself.

Having a truck no longer limits you to anything. In the past, only workmen had trucks for the most part but they can even be family vehicles nowadays. You really don’t have to have a reason for buying a truck, other than you need another vehicle. They are very convenient to have even if you don’t need one every day. However, don’t be surprised if friends and family come calling to borrow the truck for moving furniture and heavy items now and again. You may have to be a little strict if you want your truck to be kept in good condition.