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Every Truck Bed Is Sacred

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If you have ever known anyone with a pickup truck, you know how much they love their truck beds. No matter what it is they haul around, they want to keep the bed lasting as long as it possibly can, and they want it to look good too. That is where truck bedliners come in. A spray gun for truck bedliner specialists is like a paintbrush in the hands of Picasso. Whenever a spray bedliner needs applying, they can make a truck bed tough and beautiful.

In 2012, there were 1.6 million pickup trucks sold in the United States, and in that number, there were owners who would not leave the parking lot without their truck’s bed being lined in some way or another. The standard bed is usually eight feet in length, while sometimes you’ll see certain models with a six and a half foot bed or even a five and a half footer. Treating these beds with something as simple as a spray on bedliner keeps them as tough as nails for a long, long time.

A spray gun for truck bedliner specialists can get the job done smoothly and easily without taking too much time. They are accurate and control the amount of spray needed to complete the job. Spray on bedliners for a pickup truck come in two different classes of material. They are also applied in two different ways. There are aromatic compounds or aliphatic compounds and they can be applied through either a low pressure or a high-pressure process.

There are several reasons for having your new pickup truck bed sprayed with a polyurethane coating. First of all, it adds years to a truck bed’s life by preventing scraping, rusting, and contamination from hauled materials over time. Second, it can create a create a surface that is anti-skid and anti-slip, which can be perfect if you are using it to work on certain jobs.

Depending on the type of bedliner and the truck itself, spray bedliners can be applied in a variety of thicknesses. Polyurethane can be sprayed on at 1/16 of an inch to as much as around four inches in thickness. Too small and the liner will crack and chip. Too thick and the shape and size of the bed can become ruined. That is why it is important for every new pickup truck owner who wishes to have his or her truck bed lined should seek out the best person for the job. Why risk it? Why ruin your sweet ride by giving it over to someone without the touch? Someone who is not a spray gun for bedliner expert.

If you are a body shop owner or a truck dealer, acquiring a spray gun for truck bedliner purposes would be a very smart investment. How many times do you see a pickup truck owner who could use a spray liner? It’s probably more times than you can count.