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6 Reasons to Have Your Car’s Windows Tinted

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There are more benefits to auto window tinting than just looks. While window tinting certainly improves the aesthetics of some vehicles, there are many more reasons that you may wish to consider the service.

  1. Shatter protection
    Yes, car window tinting functions as a protective service. The film is designed to prevent glass shattering if an object, like a rock, hits it. It can also protect against more major risks. If the vehicle is involved in an accident, the passengers are protected from falling glass shards, as well as from being ejected through the glass.

    The window film also makes it difficult for thieves to break through the windows of a vehicle.
  2. Privacy
    If a thief was considering breaking into your vehicle, they will struggle to find any valuables at first look. A close-standing person cannot see into the vehicle if it has been installed with tinted window film. This feature also works when you are trying to keep a low profile when driving. Window tinting services can help you avoid unwanted attention on the road.
  3. Fade resistance
    Heat and sun exposure can warp the appearance of leather and vinyl interiors. Tints reduce the amount of sunshine let into your vehicle, preventing discoloration, cracking, or melting.
  4. Protection from UV rays
    Speaking of sun protection, the window tint will also protect you and your passengers. UV-absorbing auto glass can block 93% of UV rays from entering the vehicle, protecting you from skin cell damage and potential skin cancers.
  5. Heat protection
    Auto window tinting can also manage your vehicle’s internal temperature. While the tints block UV rays, they also block heat. This prevents the car’s interior from overheating, and makes it more bearable for drivers and passengers to get int a car on a hot, sunny day. This is even the case for black vehicles, and those with heat absorbent leather interiors!
  6. Safer driving
    While the primary reasons for window tinting is to prevent foreign objects, UV rays, and shattered glass to enter the vehicle, a huge benefit to the service is also that you, the driver, will be able to see better through your windshield. Sun glares and bright high beams at night can make it difficult to see the road and other cars around you, which is both irritating and dangerous. Window tinting can protect your eyes (and passengers), by limiting the light allowed inside.

All in all, auto window tinting provides a higher level of comfort for drivers and passengers, as well as promotes a safer driving environment.