A Look Under The Hood At The Diesel Transmission

For years, users have yearned for a good diesel transmission pan. The video above covers everything one needs to know about the best diesel transmission for high-power trucks.

1. Heavy Duty Parts

All parts of the ATS diesel transmission are built to be durable and heavy-duty, including the breaks, clutch bags, and reengineered clutch plates.

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This feature allows one to apply more power without burning the surfaces.

2. Bigger Gear Sets

The bigger electronic package automatically hooks onto the valve, controlling hydraulic power for ease of use.

3. Copilot

The engineered copilot package pushes the engine torque to line up and hold everything together.

4. Bigger and Better Shafts

The shafts are bigger in diameter and made of steel for better performance.

5. Torque Converter

Five clutches inside the converter fit perfectly inside the engine for enhanced performance. Additionally, the materials do not slip into the torque converter since the bolts bind them.

These exclusive features of ATS diesel transmission make it the finest manufacturer for high-end trucks. Apart from that, the company provides a five-year warranty.