How to Prevent Rusted Car Parts

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If you live in an area with heavy moisture or cold winters, chances are you have to deal with rusting car parts. This video explains a simple method you can use to avoid rusted car repair and keep your ride humming right along.

Rust is electrochemical oxidization. Steel in your car comes into contact with water, air, and salt on the road which creates an acid that eats up the metal. Most cars have paint on from the factory that prevents oxidization. Multiple layers protect the body of your car.

A lot of the metal on the underside of the car is electroplated when the vehicle is built. Zinc is used to coat the steel as the first line of defense. Essentially, the air, water, and salt oxidize the zinc instead of the steel underneath.

The process works as long as you keep the coating uncompromised. Scratches, paint chips, or dents that crack the paint will make your car vulnerable to rust. Waxing your car four times a year keeps the layers of protection on your car supple and durable.

Wax your car every season: spring, summer, fall, winter. That will prevent rust and keep your car running for a long time. For more information, click on the link above.