Automotive Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

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Your car is one of the most heavily used products you have, and it’s a pretty complex piece of machinery. You need regular maintenance to make sure your vehicle stays running and to save yourself the hefty cost of auto repairs. This video outlines a few tips every driver needs to maintain their vehicle.

The first thing, and really the only thing you need to do, is to change your engine oil regularly. The other tips on here will certainly improve the lifespan of your vehicle, but engine oil is the most significant factor, and the easiest to do.

Make sure to also check your power steering fluid. If you hear your engine whining, it means you’re either low on fluid or the fluid is too old. Change your power steering fluid regularly to ensure you have smooth handling of your vehicle.

Waxing keeps the paint on your car flexible and prevents it from cracking. It also adds an impressive and luxurious shine to your car’s paint job. It’s recommended to wax your car once a season, or four times a year.

The last two tips are to change your coolant and transmission fluid. They don’t need to be changed often, but dirty fluid will be a detriment to the lifespan of your vehicle. For more information, click on the link to the video above.