How to Find Used Auto Part for Salvage

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Buying a car for salvage is a great way for a motorhead to have fun on a new project. However, the build will only go as well as the parts and tools you use. This video will explain how to find the best and cheapest used auto parts for your rebuild.

The first thing to do is research online who will have most of the parts you’re looking for. Sometimes this will be the dealership, sometimes a third-party website, and sometimes it may be an independent trader online.

Contact this person or business and let them know right off the bat that you will likely be buying parts from them. This will give them a chance to plan ahead with their inventory and help you build a relationship.

There are also local junkyards and “pick-your-part” yards. Both of these will likely have more parts than you can shake a stick at. Another benefit is the pricing may not be very high, allowing you to save your money for more expensive parts.

Rebuilding a salvaged car takes time and patience. You have to hunt down the right parts and that won’t happen overnight. For more information on searching for used auto parts, click on the link to the video above.