Drivers Education at Two Hundred Miles Per Hour

Nascar racing

Every one of us has been stuck in rush hour traffic at one time or another, sitting behind the wheel of minivan or a sensible sedan. Maybe the air conditioner is broken. Maybe we sing along to the radio station (assuming, of course, that any good stations are in range). At that moment, inevitably, we find ourselves dreaming, if only for a few second, that instead of being stuck in an interminable rush hour behind the wheel of our boring cars, we were actually piloting an authentic Nascar race car around the laps of the motor speedway.

There is a romance to Nascar car racing. It is part of the fabric of American culture. We hear the names, Rusty, Danica, Dale, and we know exactly who they are. Nascar racing is a sport of skill and endurance. In order to win, a driver must master not only himself, but also his competition and his nascar race car. It is no surprise then that we dream of Nascar racing when we find ourselves stuck in a traffic jam, without any control of the situation.

It is true that we do not have Nascar cars sitting in our garages (even if they were street legal, the cars themselves are a bit cost prohibitive to buy for recreational purposes). That does not mean that you can not have the real Nascar Racing Experience. When you send your kids off to camp this summer, think about enrolling in a camp for yourself. The Nascar Racing Experience is designed to put you in the drivers seat, literally. After a brief safety and information course, you will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a real Nascar race car. Our participants initially pilot their Nascar cars around a few laps without any other cars on the track and with a co driver to help them master their vehicle. As the week progresses, the co pilot phases out entirely, and you will have the opportunity to race against other participants, first in one on one competitions, but ultimately building up to our grand finale, a fifty lap race between yourself and all twenty five of the participants in your session. There will be twenty five real Nascar race cars flying around the track, and you will be behind the wheel of one, in the thick of the race.

How would you fare in such a situation? Would you master yourself, your competition, and your real Nascar race car, ultimately celebrating in the victory circle? If you believe that you have what it takes to hoist a trophy in that winners circle, sign up for the Nascar Racing Experience. Prove to your fellow competitors, and most of all to yourself, that though you may drive a minivan or a sedan in your day to day life, within you beats the heart of a real race car driver.