NASCAR Is Here for the Summer

Nascar race car

Watching NASCAR cars fly around a track is one of the most exhilarating experiences a person can see. Cars speeding at around 200 mph will get adrenaline pumping and blood flowing. NASCAR races 2013 have kicked off for the year and it has been more intense than ever. Seeing Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, and Jimmie Johnson win the most recent races, there has been fun races to watch of late.

The amazing teamwork it takes for the pit crew to successfully change tires, fill gas, and make minor fixes in the shortest time possible during a race is astounding. NASCAR race car drivers have the quickest reflexes and best driving abilities. When a car pulls to a wall or if they are bumped, they have to react so quickly and control the car while it spins out of control. Then they have to get it out of the way of the drivers behind them so no one gets hurt. The control and knowledge that the drivers have is truly amazing.

Enjoying the Nascar racing experience is a thing of beauty. I am glad that the racing season has started off with such a powerful bang because the entertainment is what it is all about. NASCAR cars provide us fans with the best sport for the summer months to spend a lazy Sunday relaxing and watching the speeding cars beat each other out for the trophy to claim who is the best.