Ever Wondered How Car Keys Replacements And Fabs Are Made?

If you’ve ever wondered how car keys replacements are made, read on. Dan from Tring Shoe Repair and Key Shop channel on YouTube explains how he makes new remote car keys. Here are the steps for making car keys replacements:
Car Make, Model, and Year – When customers come in for car keys replacements, they ask for their car make, model, and year to verify they can replace it.

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Cut the Blade – After selecting the correct key for the vehicle, Dan cuts the blade with a laser cutter so that it can turn on the ignition.
Program the Anti Theft immobilizer Chip – This step helps protect the car from getting stolen.
Synchronize Remote to vehicle ECU – The customer parks their car in the guest space of the shop. The technician then plugs into the car to synchronize the remote to the vehicle’s ECU. After synchronization, the key buttons can work on the vehicle.
Finally, the key replacement is ready. The entire process may be done in as little as 20 minutes and it’s cost-effective. However, customers may be required to leave their vehicles for 30-45 minutes.