Finding the Right Towing Hitch

You can use a towing hitch to tow a wide variety of things. You might use a towing hitch to bring your boat to the lake, or maybe a camper needs to be brought with you to the woods. Whatever the case may be, you can find a towing hitch that will get the job done for you.

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Let’s take a look at the different kinds of towing hitches that you can use.

The first hitch that we are going to talk about is a class one trailer hitch. These are the hitches that you would use if you have a mid-size or smaller vehicle. You would use this hitch to bring smaller items with you. A good example of something you could use to hitch with a class one trailer hitch is a bike rack.

Class three trailer hitches are going to be bigger than class one and will carry heavier items. These hitches can be used on bigger vehicles and pickup trucks. If you have a boat or camper that needs to be hitched, class three is going to be the option for you.

All in all, there are many different hitching options for your car. Make sure you pick the right hitch for whatever you need to be towed.