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Five Tips For Finding The Right Auto Body Shop

When it comes to repairing your car, you want to make sure that you’re getting a proper job done to prevent having to doc out more cash later down the line. Botched repairs and looking for cheap body paint shop near me can lead to spending more money. One of the most common things done and depending on the severity is auto dent repair.

A full service body shop does a variety of work on the car including repairs, replacing damaged and worn parts, restoration and more. If you were looking for a local affordable dent repair near me, then a full service body shop could assist you with this job. A car repainting shop near me are one of the searches many people look for to repair body work like paint, rust, and other esthetics. While this can occur because of wear, tear and age of the vehicle, it is also most commonly needed because of damage to the automobile.

Carry on reading as we discuss some things you can do to help find reputable body repair and auto shops.

If you’re in a car accident, you’ll likely need to get your car repaired. An auto body and repair shop near me will be able to take care of the problem. Sometimes you might need to go to a few different places to get both your usual repairs and your auto body repairs, so make sure that the shop you choose has what you want. An auto body collision technician is able to do repairs on your car’s body. They can do paintless dent removal and other techniques that will make your car look like new again.

Depending on what kind of damage you have, you will likely need both auto body and glass repair. Auto body and collision shops near me will either be able to do those repairs or they can direct you to the best place to get them done. Either way, you’re sure to get good results working with them. As long as you stick with qualified shops that have good reviews and charge fair prices, the process is likely to go smoothly.

No one ever wants to find themselves in a position where they have to search for affordable body works parts because they have had an accident. However, we know that collisions take place every day, and it is entirely possible that someone might find themselves on the receiving end of one of these collisions if they are not careful. Aftermarket auto body parts are highly sought after to clear up any damage that one sustains as a result of damage to their vehicle if and when they are involved in an accident. Remember this as you consider your options for aftermarket body car parts.

Aftermarket body parts online are another option worth looking into. You might discover that there are plenty of sellers who are more than happy to work with you to provide you the parts that you require while you work out a way to get your vehicle fixed and ready to go. You might have better luck in terms of pricing and other factors when you decide to go with an online seller rather than take your chances on whatever you can find in your local area. It all boils down to a personal choice of course, but it might be worth the trouble to look for the best parts online.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, there’s always the potential for an accident to occur.

That’s especially true if you’re driving. According to Statistica, there were more than 200 million licensed drivers in the United States and with so many drivers, the probability for an accident increases, particularly with distracted drivers. No matter where you travel, the average person experiences three to four car accidents in their lifetime.

No one wants to be involved in a car accident, but they happen whether we want them to or not. There are approximately six million car accidents in the United States each year. There were nearly two million rear end collisions in 2014 alone, accounting for nearly a third of all crashes that year. On average, there’s a rear end collision on U.S. roads every eight seconds, so accidents rather frequently, no matter how safe a driver you may be.

Whether you’ve been involved in an accident and need collision repair or need some vehicle maintenance, it’s important to find reputable auto body services. Finding the right auto body shop can sure that whatever collision repair your car needs will be done right and can be a good place for return business if you need future vehicle maintenance.


Here are five tips to help you find the right auto body shop:

  • Ask Questions: When it comes to choosing the right auto body shop, don’t just walk in to a place ready to pay whatever it takes to fix your problem. As with any major repair, it pays to ask questions. Find out if a particular auto body shop offers a warranty in writing. If it does, find out how long the warranty is for. Find out if the place has fire and theft insurance and find out what kinds of services it offers to customer.Whether your car needs collision repair or not, there’s a good chance your car needs some kind of fix-up. In a recent survey, research found that an estimated 77 percent of cars were in need of maintenance or repairs. There are four main causes of auto body damage: weather, negligence, fender benders and high-speed collisions. So whether you’re looking for bumper repair, glass repair, engine work or a paint job, it pays to find out if a body shop offers any or all of those services.
  • Get Estimates: When it comes to collision repair, some auto body shops will look for whatever they can find to fix on your car, especially if they have a higher overhead. Insurance and deductibles obviously play a large role in paying for collision repair, but for other repairs you want to do all you can to avoid overcharges. Getting estimates from several body shops is a good way to price shop and make sure you can get the most for your money.
  • Location and Overhead: When it comes to collision repair or any other kind of car repair, customers end up paying big bucks for labor hours. Depending on where you live, this could mean you might pay anywhere from $40-90 per hour. Body shops and auto repair places use guidelines to estimate the time needed for common repairs, but higher-end shops can have a higher overhead and end up charging for everything.
  • Get Recommendations: Like restaurants and or places to visit, finding an auto body shop can be as easy as getting a recommendation from a friend. That recommendation might not be the biggest auto body shop or the flashiest, but you can feel comfortable knowing that the auto body shop you end up at is highly recommended.
  • Go With Your Gut: Before plunking down a large amount of money for a care repair, make sure that you’re making the best choice as far as choosing your auto body shop. If something doesn’t feel right, chances are it’s because something might be off about the shop. By trusting your intuition you’ll end up happier.

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident and you’re in need of collision repair for your car, take time to find a reputable spot, get several estimates and make sure everything seems in order before spending a ton of money.