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The Quick and Easy Guide to Detailing Your Car’s Interior

Is the interior of your car filthy? Cluttered? Maybe the inside of the car isn’t exactly messy, but you cannot quite remember the last time it was cleaned. People spend an average of 87 minutes in their cars everyday. Make sure yours is clean. Here’s what you need to do.

From the Ceiling to the Car Floor Mats: How to Clean the Interior From Top to Bottom.

Cleaning a car isn’t exactly difficult. All that is really required is the intention to do so, and the discipline to follow through. It’s best to plan for the time when the car will be cleaned. Some drivers like to throw away trash when they are waiting for the gas tank to fill up at the station. Others prefer to do so just after the car exterior is washed. The key to success is establishing a routine.

How to Prepare For Cleaning the Interior of a Car.

Before getting started with cleaning the services of the interior, it’s necessary to clear out clutter and debris. Trash, such as papers, food containers, and drink bottles need to be thrown out. Don’t forget other items like spare change, hair clips, and other small pieces that get sticky. The cleaning will go faster when these items are set aside from the beginning.

These include the items in your car that aren’t trash, but are cluttering up the surfaces. This might be a CD collection, kids toys, strollers, blankets, extra clothes, or reusable grocery bags. Don’t forget the car floor mats either, as those need to be shaken out and vacuumed under.

Cleaning From Top to Bottom: How to Do It Right.

Gather all the cleaning supplies you plan to use before you begin cleaning. The job will go much faster for one. Secondly, doing so cuts down on later frustrations. It is annoying to be nearly finished vacuuming only to discover you need to hunt down the attachment for the car flooring under the seats.

Once you have the vacuum, vacuum attachments, towels, cleaning solution, and seat polish (for leather seats only), it’s time to get started. Start with vacuuming the ceiling. It sounds odd, however the fabric absorbs dust and odors. Next, vacuum the seats and crevices between. If you have not yet done so, remove the car floor mats and shake them out well. If the car floor mats are plastic, wipe them down with a wet cloth. Car floor mats made of carpet should be vacuumed, as should the car carpet under the mats.

Wipe down the interior with an appropriate cleaning solution. That would be a cleaning product that will not dry out the interior, as the combination of hot sun and dry air can easily cause the material to peel before its time. The goal is to not just clean but also provide protection.

Making Minor Repairs to the Interior of the Car.

It happens. A vehicle performs reliably for years, but begins to look a little rough on the inside. It might be a stain from a spilled soda on the carpet. Or maybe the plastic on one of the doors is peeling. The car might be showing its age, but there are solutions for these simple problems.

The best bet in this case is to make friends with your local auto dealership. Most sell special kits designed to fix simple interior problems. Peeling leather, vinyl, or plastic is not uncommon. The key point to remember is to set aside enough time to complete the job, and to follow all instructions carefully.

Our cars need regular upkeep to run their best. While most owners wouldn’t dream of skipping an oil change, many do neglect their car interiors. Many car owners are even regular about detailing the exterior. This is actually a fairly silly problem as we spend more time inside our cars looking at the interior than without. Take the time to put cleaning the interior of your car on your schedule. Gather all the necessary supplies before beginning. And don’t ignore signs of wear and tear. The result will be a car that looks great inside and out.