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Getting a Car Lease with Ford and Other Brands

Cars are a fact of life for most adults today, and in fact, getting one’s first car is a personal milestone and can be a source of great pride and joy. But a car, truck, or jeep is a complex, powerful, and expensive machine, and of course should be treated as such. Purchasing one is a major financial investment, and there are all kinds of financing solutions both at car dealerships and elsewhere to help make these vehicles affordable to customers. There are some well-known tips and strategies for purchasing a car or even just browsing for one, and a customer may have three options: get a new car, a used car, or a leased car. What are the advantages of each? What kind of car lease deals can be found, such as a Ford Escape lease or getting a new Nissan on lease?

On Cars

Cars are a massive industry around the world, rivaling textiles and foodstuffs. Around the world, car sales reached a record high of 88 million vehicles in the year 2016, and this was a 4.8% increase from the previous year and represented a 10-year high. The brand Ford, to name one, generated about $150 billion in revenue in the year 2015, which was a solid rise from 2014’s total of $144 billion, and other major brands like Toyota, Hyundai, and Chevrolet also often enjoy strong sales in the United States. When people look for cars, such as a Ford Escape lease or a new Subaru, buyers spend about 59% of their time doing online research, and to supplement that, car buyers will often walk in to make initial contact with a car dealership face to face to see what they are getting. Online car shoppers most often research car prices (71% of online shoppers do this), they look for actual vehicles listed for sale, they compare different models, find out what their current car is worth, and they will often locate a dealer or get dealer info.

How to Buy or Lease

Three main routes exist for someone looking for a car: buy new, buy used, or lease. Many brands can be leased today, such as a Ford Escape lease for Ford fans, or finding a Hyundai or a Dodge available for lease.

Buying a used car often involves the most expense, but Ford dealers and more will have the newest models from various makes that have current standards of power, safety, and fuel efficiency, not to mention features from the dashboard features to seat warmers. New cars will have a solid lease in place and they are often the most stylish and trendy cars one can find, and often have great MPG rates. Such cars can be costly, but dealers will offer on-site financing services and will often work with multiple banks and other loan providers to make sure that a customer can get the new car that they want.

Buying a used car means trading the perks of a new car in exchange for a potentially discounted price, and as with new cars, used cars can be bought with the aid of on-site financing by a dealer for those who need it. Used cars may have some maintenance issues sooner or later and may not have quite modern standards of power or features, and the interior might need fixing such as the seat upholstery or replacing dirty floor mats. But a used car can still be powerful and comfortable to drive, and often for a lowered price, especially if the odometer has a lot of miles on it. Someone looking to buy a used car is urged to inspect it in person and take it for a test drive.

The third major option is leasing a car, such as Ford Escape leases or getting a new Toyota on lease. This means renting the car rather than buying it, and this is an attractive option for those who intend to have a car for only the short term based on their lifestyle or future plans such as moving or changing careers. Lease costs are based on the gap between the car’s initial and current value, and the smaller the gap, the better the price. Cars that depreciate slowly are ideal for this.