History of Custom Wheels

Custom wheels and tires for sale at Custom Offsets TV delves into the history of custom wheels. When did drivers first look for a way to customize their stock wheels with custom wheels and tires? Since the 1920s drivers have been trying to improve the wheel (and tires) that came stock on their vehicle. By the 1950s the hotrod scene pushed the idea of custom wheels and tires and the benefit of driving something a little different from everyone else.

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However, low inventory meant that a lot of people were out there creating their own customizations.

The next big push in car history for custom wheels and tires came as cars got faster. Chrome reverse wheels became very popular along with wider tires in the back. Cragar released its first and most popular wheel in 1964. At the beginning of the 21st century, rugged custom wheels and tires were among the most popular styles and designs for both trucks and cars.

There have been some pretty big changes over the years not only in style but in the quality of the available tires and rims. Custom Offsets offers a wide range of the best custom wheels and tires for sale.