How to Fix a Flat Tire

This video talks about how to fix a flat tire if an unfortunate blowout or leak occurs.

Drivers have several options for fixing a flat tire. One method one might use is to try to pump the tire up with an air pump. Air pumps are available for sale at most large retail establishments and automotive stores. Another method is to use a substance, such as Fix a Flat.

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These items contain chemicals that can seal and inflate a flat tire just enough for the driver to make it to a nearby automotive repair shop to get a replacement tire.

The third option involves removing the flat tire and replacing it with the donut that comes with most vehicles. The donut is usually directly underneath the bottom of the trunk. Some models may have it positioned to the right or left in a cubby or well. The driver must have a jack and lugnut removal device to change such a tire effectively.

Sometimes, it’s necessary for a driver to get flat tire assistance. In that case, having the number of a reliable roadside assistance company is most beneficial. A roadside assistance agent can come out and replace the tire so that the vehicle owner can make it home safely.