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How Do I Plan For Unexpected Vehicle Emergencies?

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Although the average driver might only file a car insurance claim maybe once every 18 years or so, it is a good idea to be prepared. It can be difficult to predict what the final repair cost might be after an accident. That is why having a solid auto insurance coverage plan can be helpful.

Are You Prepared to Cover the Cost Of Repairing Your Car?

The estimated cost for repairing an entire brake system, or the rotors, cylinders, pads, drums, and calipers, runs about $750 or more on average. Other costs can run much higher to fix. Financial advisors recommend car owners build a savings account to cover routine car repairs.

While every car will require some repair at some point, there are actually four main causes of damage. All of these causes are somewhat within your control, but at times surprises will happen.

    1. Weather. Weather damage can develop in a number of ways. Perhaps you live near the beach (lucky you!) and the salt in the air damages your vehicle’s paint job. Maybe it hailed one day and your car now has little dings all over. There are steps that can be taken to protect your car, however accidents relating to weather can still happen.

    2. Negligence. It’s a simple fact that many car owners don’t pay proper attention to their vehicle. Automobiles need a certain amount of upkeep. The oil, the fluid levels, the brakes, and the filters all need to be regularly checked and changed for the vehicle to continue to run smoothly. Neglecting even one area can cause big problems later.

    3. Fender Bender.A small accident could be just that, an accident. However, most drivers could practice defensive driving for safety.

    4. Collision. A collision could be your fault, or the other driver’s fault. That is for the insurance companies to decide.

How Much Responsibility Is Yours?

There is always a certain amount of responsibility the driver must take for any damage inflicted upon their vehicle. There is no need to make yourself second guess every decision leading up to the damage. However, it can be beneficial in some cases to make a note of what you could do to avoid the problem in the future.

To do this, take the time to do a little research. This might mean reading or just skimming through your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Or it might mean creating a dialogue with your mechanic about how to care for your car. Knowing what to do in a specific future situation will give you the confidence you need to handle it later on.

Car Insurance Coverage: Submitting a Car Insurance Claim.

As mentioned above, a car insurance claim needs to be submitted in the case of a collision or fender bender. It is not necessary for you to figure out who is at fault, although it is likely you have an opinion about it. The U.S. has almost six million car accidents each year. Be prepared for the costs by knowing how to file a car insurance claim in compliance with your auto insurance policy.

Keeping a car in good condition can become more expensive as the car gets older. Systems within the vehicle will start to break down and need replacing. These aspects can be planned for, yet there are often times emergencies that you won’t expect. Create a fund just for auto maintenance, and make sure your auto insurance policy will cover you in the case of a motor vehicle accident.