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How to DIY Car Dents

Everyone loves a beautiful, shiny ride to express their bold, fiery side; unfortunately, cars are susceptible to dulling and decline that can significantly affect how someone feels about the ride. Dulling paint is a car owner’s worse nightmare, the glimmer and overall appearance of a car depict how well it’s being kept up—people typically associate an unkept car with a disinterested owner and deep dents and creases. No one wants to be associated with a dull and lifeless car to express them. Luckily there’s a way to fix it through dent-repair techniques.

Why Touch Up Paint Is Great For Your Car Dents (And You)

You may remember the day you got your car off the lot—shiny, sleek, and new with a fantastic finish that you couldn’t wait to flaunt around town. Over the years, it takes some damages and wears and tear, and eventually, its coat isn’t so sleek and satisfying anymore—in fact, it’s becoming rather dull and embarrassing to drive around town. You know you need to repaint your car, but you don’t want to spend an insane amount of money, but you want to do something and fast. Dent repair and dent removal is one of the best alternatives to paying a pretty penny to cover deep dents and creases that’s not designed to last. Paintless dent removal is not only affordable but DIY-friendly for car owners who take a significant amount of pride in their car’s appearance without visible deep dents and creases. They want it to look the best it can without breaking the bank. Touch up paint options are also far more versatile than a paint job, car owners can fully customize their cars and continuously change their color as much as they desire, without the high price of color customization or deep dents and creases. According to Nancy Lockhart, a color marketing specialist, white has been considered the number one car color choice in North America since 2006. White is an extremely popular for vehicles, because of its low crash rate—white cars are considered the safest while red vehicles are considered the most dangerous and highly followed by law enforcement because they are more likely to get into wrecks.

The Popularity of Car Dent Repair

The concept of paintless dent repair is something that significantly benefits car owners who aren’t looking to spend a fortune simply for a new coat of paint on their car. Large dent repair has the versatility to be used on any car and model, such as mini cooper touch up paint, BMW touch up paint, Mercedes Benz touch up paint, and even Porsche touch up paint to accommodate all vehicles. The amount of body damages an average car sustains is costly. Even the most minor dent can be costly—a deep paint scratch repair can cost between $300-$3,000 depending on how extensive the damage is to the car. Touch up paint that caters to high in-demand car brands, paint appeal to the masses of car owners that are in desperate need of a car repair or light auto-body work to regain their car’s former glory.

How To DIY, Touching Up A Paint Job

Clean and sand the surface. Make sure to thoroughly wash the car where the paint is chipping, cleaning the affected area will help identify all the spots that need a touch-up and significantly reduce the risk of getting dirt and grime on new paint. When you clean the car, be sure to use specified car washing soap, water, and a clean, soft cloth to clean the scratched area. Finally, dry the scratched area(s).

Inspect and remove any rust you find. Be sure to search for discoloration on the metal—areas that are dark red or brown is most likely rust. Use sandpaper to remove all areas of discoloration and thoroughly wipe down the area with a dry cloth to remove dust.

Apply a wax and grease remover to the afflicted area. Removal of the wax is significant to any areas that require paint to adhere to them—a specific wax remover is needed.

Sand the surface to prep it. Use a small piece of sandpaper to sand around the scratch, make sure to remove all loose paint from the area while you sand it to make a clean surface.