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How to Safely Move Items in Your Pickup Truck

Throughout your life, many people find themselves moving to new locations. Whether for work or personal reasons, it’s important to prepare yourself for an upcoming move. Research shows that pickups, SUVs, and vans outsold cars for five years in a row, according to research from 2017. Therefore, many people often use their pickup trucks for moving purposes. Considering that, here are three tips to remember while using a pickup truck to move.

Tie Down All Items While Moving in a Pickup

Considering how often pickup trucks are used for moving purposes, it’s wise to invest in truck tie down anchors and straps. Truck bed tie downs are must have items while transporting items with your tailgate down. Pickup truck tie downs help secure all of your items while you’re traveling. These items help to ensure you avoid having your belongings falling out of your pickup truck.

Recently, AAA conducted a study over the course of four years. The results of the study found that 66% of 200,000 crashes automobile were the result of truck cargo that was improperly secured. Unfortunately, these crashes ended up causing 500 deaths and 39,000 injuries. If you want to avoid these risks, purchase quality pickup bed tie downs. In addition, make sure you’re buying reliable truck tie down anchors. Having these quality items allows you to have peace of mind while transporting items in your vehicle.

Monitor Weight Limits on Boxes

While you’re moving, it’s easy to feel pressed for time. However, that shouldn’t stop you from making sure you’re not overcrowding your boxes. If so, you might find your belongings spilling out all over your driveway. To avoid this problem, make sure you adhere to the maximum weight limits on any box you’re using. You’ll typically find this information printed on the bottoms of your boxes.

Avoid Lifting Heavy Items onto Your Truck Bed

After getting your boxes and other items together, you’ll need to place them in your pickup truck. While certain boxes are easy to move by yourself, or with the help of others, you’ll encounter a few extremely heavy items. It’s understandable to want to complete moving these items as fast as possible. However, you could risk serious injury by moving in a safe manner. To avoid this issue, you’ll want to use a dolly and have a way to safely utilize momentum for heavier items. For instance, a safe and secure ramp often makes moving heavier items easier than lifting them by hand.

To summarize, it’s important for pickup truck owners to follow several tips while moving. Following these tips helps ensure you avoid several potentially dangerous situations. You’ll want to make sure that you’re purchasing quality truck tie down anchors. In turn, you’ll avoid having to use less effective methods for securing cargo in your pickup truck.