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How Your Community Can Benefit From Supporting Local Minority Owned Dealerships

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How do define community and what does community mean to you? For many people, community is defined as their local area while for others it can extend into different aspects of their lifestyle. Regardless of how you define community, showing support for ones community and its beliefs is at the core of what it means to be an American.

In today’s current political and socioeconomic climate, the definition of community has become more important than ever. And while community can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, you can do your part to support your immediate, local community by becoming a conscious consumer.

As a consumer, you hold a tremendous amount of buying power and influence, and choosing where and how you spend your money can make all the difference in your respective community or communities. For example, purchasing a car is a major investment on many levels. And whether you’re shopping for new cars or used cars, choosing to buy a car from a minority owned dealership is a great way to support your local community, economy, and politics.

Like other minority owned businesses, minority owned dealerships are car dealerships owned and operated by minorities. Federal statutes related to business ownership define a minority as a person of African, Asian, Latino, or Native descent. In addition, women can also be defined as a minority group.

Supporting these groups, who are often marginalized, can have a positive impact on the entire community. Here’s your local community can benefit from supporting minority owned dealerships and other minority owned businesses.

Be the change

Known as a leader in peaceful and passive forms of resistance, Mahatma Gandhi encouraged his followers to become the change they wish to see in the world. If you find yourself wishing society was more accepting and tolerant of minorities, you can take action by supporting minority owned dealerships and showing patronage to other minority owned businesses. This is a powerful action step that can encourage others to do the same. You may even find that you feel empowered to make other changes in support causes important to you.

Support local economy

When support community focused car dealers such as minority owned dealerships, your investment helps to support the local economy. Voting with your dollar is at the core of conscious consumerism and can have a major impact on the economics of your local economy by keeping financial resources within the community.

Setting an example

Representation matters to minority groups, and supporting a minority owned business is an excellent way to set an example. This is especially true for fields in which minorities are less visible. For example, a car dealership owned and operated by a woman can help to inspire local women to become business owners themselves. Showing your support of these business goes far beyond making an economic or political statement, and can help to inspire others to achieve their potential.