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RV Camping is the Great Getaway

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Camping is the great American pastime and every summer millions of people head for the great outdoors – the state parks, the campgrounds, the lakes, the mountains and the seaside – to get away from the artificiality and routine of their daily lives. RVs are a convenient and economical way to travel, especially for families. They give you the freedom of the road, your own accommodations set up for your comfort, and the ability to set your own schedule. For those who love the water, hitching their Triton fishing boats to the RV adds the finding in touch to the holiday, giving you the ability to spend time on water as well as land.

The great getaway: camping
Camping is a great getaway, a chance to reconnect with the world of nature in the company of family and friends. That’s why it is one of the most popular forms of outdoor recreation in the U.S. In 2103 alone, Americans spent around five billion dollars at campgrounds and RV parks. And in 2014, they spent a total of 1.5 billion U.S. dollars on camping equipment like backpacks and sleeping bags. Camper accessories and other purchases from camper parts stores are also included in theses purchases.
In 2013, the total number of people who went camping was 40.1 million. That’s a full 14% of the total number of Americans over the age of six years. Whether they were camping in a tent, a yurt, RV, cabin or just bivouacking, each camper spent 14.9 days camping, on average.

RVs give you freedom of movement
There are around 30 million RV enthusiasts in the country. This includes people who own their RVs as well as those who rent them. RVing is a special form of camping, that gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want. Another advantage of RV camping is the convenience, for families with children. They can cook their own food, which is both healthier and costs less. Whether it’s a brand new London Aire model or a used travel camper, it’s home for a few blissful days.
Some of the most commonly cited reasons why people love RV camping are: owning an Rv allows them to get away more often for camping trips; spending time with the family; escaping stress; it’s an economical way to travel; and that it lets you go on a trip without a lot of planning. Whether you have a new or used camper, the goal is to get away for a few days of complete freedom.

Triton fishing boats add an extra dimension to your holiday
Many RV campers bring along their bikes or boats. Bikes can be fixed on special racks and boats can be hitched on a trailer. Bringing along boats on an RV camping holiday adds an extra dimension to the activities. Fishing, boating, water skiing – Triton fishing boats give you access to water sports and pursuits as well as hiking, cycling or sightseeing.
For dedicated fishermen, going on holiday without their Triton fishing boats and all fishing tackle is unthinkable. There are few pleasures to compare with a dinner of freshly caught fish, cooked over a campfire. Experiences like this in childhood will give your kids a lifelong love of camping and the outdoors.

The entire family comes back from an RV holiday rejuvenated and ready to face the world. RVing opens up new horizons and there’s always an adventure around the corner. Like most RV enthusiasts, as soon as you get back from one trip, you’re likely planning the next one.