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Truck Bedliners Protect Surfaces, Prevent Scratches

Spray on bedliner dealers

The whole process was frustrating.
After seeing a really good option on an affordable price on a local online classified ads listing, all you had to do was figure out the size of the truck bed and compare that to the truck bed cover that was listed. After toggling back and forth between the manufacturer’s web site that detailed the specifications and the tonneau cover that was listed you determined that it was a perfect fit.
Your daughter was taking her truck to college in the morning and you would feel better about the drive if the truck bed would be covered, not completely open. She had tightly lidded tubs in the back, but you did not like the idea of her stopping to get something to eat and using the restroom and the thought that anyone could walk by the truck and see what she the contents in the bed. The folding toneau cover seemed like the perfect solution. After calling back and forth to both your husband and the seller, you agreed on a meeting time. Anxious to wrap the sell up quickly, you had already stopped to get the needed cash several hours before the sale.
when you and your husband met at the seller’s house, even your husband had to admit that you had done your research and found the perfect solution for an even better road trip to college. The folding cover would keep her things out of sight and would be an extra layer of protection if it should rain. Unfortunately, the great plan feel apart in a much shorter time than it took you to put it together. As soon as the seller looked at your daughter’s truck he frowned. He was doubtful, he indicated, that the cover would work on the over the rail bedliner. He said he thought you had a spray on bedliner. He did not anticipate, however, the way that the rails would be covered. In fact, he had never seem anything quite like your rail cover. No deal. No extra protection from the rain and the wandering eyes of people walking by the truck.
You later learned that your father who gave you his used truck for your daughter to drive had added to rail covers himself. He had found some used ones and worked with a friend to make them fit.
Using a Spray Gun for Bedliner Application Produces a Nearly Seamless Under the Rail Look

Few trucks are exactly the same any more. By adding on after market products like wiretrim tape, truck bedliners, covers, and different types of coatings, the most basic pickup trucks can be as individual as you want. The secret, of course, is in finding a quality professional for the installation. For example, wiretrim is used to trim many types of coatings, but if it is not professionally installed you may be unhappy with the results. Someone who is not skilled in operating the spray gun for bedliner application can also lead to unsatisfactory results.
Understanding how the spray gun for bedliner application works can actually help you find the best person for the job.Did you know, for instance, that pray on truck bedliners come in two different kinds of materias? They are also available in two main types of application processes. One type of process is when the aromatic and aliphatic compounds are applied through a low pressure process, but are not heated. A second is the high pressure process which is heated. For both methods, the person who is operating the spray gun for bedliners can determine the success or failure of the project.
For the most even and best looking application, the polyurethane can be sprayed from 1/16 inch to 4 inches. The exact thickness is dependent on the application. Thinner coatings that cost less are available, but these can chip and crack. And while the thicker coatings are more durable, they are also known for interrupting the look of the truck, and, in some cases, even the size of the truck bed.
The application of a polyurethane liner serves two basic purposes. For one, these coatings add years of service by preventing scratching, rusting, and chemical contamination that can occur from the deterioration of standard OEM. Additionally, these coatings create anti-skid or anti-slip surfaces.