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Three jobs you didn’t know were certified

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If you had to think of what jobs required official certification, what would you say? Lawyer, doctor, probably nurse, or accountant. But what about the interior decorator? Or the mechanics at your auto repair service? Whether you’re operating a high-end wine bar or on a person?s heart, there is no substitute for a solid foundation and training.

Here are three jobs you didn?t know were so highly certified:

Master Sommelier

If you?ve ever been to a fine dining restaurant, you?ve probably met a Sommelier. They are the person who handed you the wine list, telling you the earthy notes in one $300 bottle of wine were more pleasing than the fruity quality of the other, cheaper bottle. Seems like a scam, right?

But actually, sommeliers have to be highly trained in a wide range of topics to qualify for the job. They need to know enough about the soil types, climate, and rainfall of a region to predict whether the wine is acidic, flavorful, or watered down even before opening the bottle. They need to understand the complicated laws that surround wine making, both in the United States and across the world.

And then, they have to pass the test issued by the Court of Master Sommeliers, which includes correctly guessing where a wine came from and how old it is by tasting it. Yikes!

Certified Master Technician

Ever wonder about the mechanic who?s rotating your tires? Auto repair is a wide field and it helps to know you can trust you’re getting the best quality automotive service, especially considering the average car on the road today is over a decade old.

For every type of car out there, there is a corresponding type of technician. But above all the others in the auto repair service is the Certified Master Technician. Like the sommelier, this is a two-pronged skill — A CMT is not just fixing cars by intuition, they have a detailed knowledge of every facet of how a car works and how to fix it.

So what does the process look like? Well, it starts off with some real on the job training — up to 12 months in an auto repair service center. And then, you have to complete a series of three to eight tests covering topics like engine maintenance and running a smog check. But it doesn?t stop there. Automobiles are constantly evolving, and so is the Certified Master Technician, because they have to re-certify each test every 5 years or lose their status.

Interior Designer

Ever see a show on HGTV and think, I can do that? I hate to tell you, it?s a lot harder than they make it look on TV. In fact, most states won?t even allow you to call yourself an interior designer unless you?ve passed the National Council for Interior Design Qualification Quiz, which requires a degree in architecture or significant on the job experience to even take.

After all, it?s important to know which walls can and can?t be knocked door to get that perfect open floor concept.