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Tips for Getting the Greatest Lifespan Out of Your Hybrid Battery

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Are you considering a Honda Accord hybrid vehicle? If you ask any mechanic what type of vehicle is the most reliable and efficient, they will all immediately tell you to get one a Honda or Toyota. Among Hondas and Toyotas, Honda Accords are the cream of the crop. Now, driving a Honda Accord Hybrid is even better. Hybrid vehicles cost far less in gas than conventional fuel powered vehicles, and have a lower impact on the planet. Driving a Honda Accord Hybrid gives you the best of both worlds.

However, you may be concerned about Honda Accord hybrid battery life expectancy. It is true, the Honda Accord hybrid battery is the beating heart of the vehicle, and the most expensive part to replace. As such, Honda Accord Hybrid battery replacements can run you several thousand dollars. The good news is, batteries in hybrid cars are designed to last over 100,000 miles, and most hybrid battery manufacturers offer warranties for 150,000 miles. So the battery life should not be a showstopper in your quest to own a hybrid.

Additionally, you have the power to extend the life of your hybrid battery. A few tips for getting the most juice out of a Honda accord hybrid battery include:

  • Make your driving habits improve your hybrid battery’s longevity.
    • Drive often. Your hybrid battery is made out of nickel metal hydride. Just like your conventional battery, nickel metal hydride batteries lose their efficiency if they sit for long periods of time. To get the greatest lifespan from your hybrid battery, drive your car often!
    • Accelerate slowly. You’ll probably notice that when you’re idling, your car is completely silent (when you first start driving a hybrid, you might even wonder if it’s even on). This is because when you are idling, your car is being completely powered by your electric battery. When you accelerate to a high-speed, is it switches over to its fuel powered battery. By accelerating slowly, you are extending the amount of time that your car is running on its electric power. This greatly proves your fuel economy. Also, extending the amount you use your battery, you extend its life. See previous point.
    • Use your hybrid for city driving. This might seem counter-intuitive since standard vehicles operate at their peak efficiency during highway driving. However, hybrids thrive in stop-and-go “city” driving. When you’re driving at high speeds, your vehicle is running on fuel. When you’re driving around town and doing a lot of stop and go, you are giving your electric battery a lead role in the vehicle’s running process. Your hybrid vehicle loves stop-and-go driving.
  • Be faithful to hybrid battery maintenance.

    As with any vehicle, your hybrid battery will last the longest if you take good care of it. Even though hybrid battery should last you more than 100,000 miles, it will need to be rebalanced approximately every five years. Hybrid battery function through a series of modules that work together. After a lot of use, these modules get out of balance. When the hybrid battery modules are unbalanced, it impacts its efficiency, the car’s gas mileage, and the lifespan Of the battery itself. A few important maintenance tasks to stay on top of with your hybrid battery include:

    • Get regular diagnostics of the voltage of your hybrid battery. This can be conducted at any shop equipped to handle hybrid vehicles.
    • Replace the cables between the battery pack in the power inverter on a regular basis, as needed.
    • Flush the hybrid liquid cooling system, so that your battery can operate at a peak temperature.
  • Speaking of high temperatures…

    Pay attention to the temperature your hybrid battery is exposed to. Your battery will last the longest if it is not subject to incredibly high or incredibly low temperatures. This is not as hard as it sounds. If you live in an incredibly hot environment, try to park your hybrid vehicle in shady locations; parking in the shade can reduce the temperature that your battery is exposed to by 20 degrees. If you are subject to incredibly cold environments, Ttry to park your vehicle indoors, such as a garage, as much as possible.

Do you have any other hybrid battery tips and tricks? Please share them with us in the comment section.