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Building a Tradition of Excellence The Chevy Difference

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Our lives have been forever changed thanks to the widespread availability of reliable automobiles. First introduced over a century ago, modern vehicles have allowed us to greatly increase the distance we can travel; a five mile trip to the store can be achieved in a matter of minutes rather than the hours it would have taken a carriage. As automotive manufacturers continue to release newer models and innovations every year car buyers must continually face the question of whether to buy a used or new car from the dealership.

New Versus Used Car Dealerships

The allure of a new car is almost a justifiable reason by itself to purchase the latest model. The amount of technology that comes standard with newer cars includes but is not limited to rear-view cameras, touch screen technology, and advanced safety features to name a few. While a new car certainly has its appeal, many are wary to make such a significant investment only to have it depreciate as soon as they drive it off the lot; in this respect many people instead opt to purchase a used vehicle. Toyota, Volkswagen, and Subaru used inventory is constantly ranked among some of the best pre-owned vehicle options — many may also be surprised to see Chevy among these foreign manufacturers.

Chevrolet Sales

The American Chevrolet brand can be found on roads spanning around two-thirds of the globe with a Chevy being sold somewhere around the world every 6.5 seconds by some estimates. Since its founding in 1912 there have been over 200 million cars and trucks produced by the automotive giant; in 2011 alone Chevy sold over 4.76 million cars and trucks with figures rising year by year. One report estimated that if all the Chevy vehicles purchased in the year 2010 were lined up bumper to bumper they would cover 51% of the earth’s circumference.

Why Buy From Local Chevy Dealerships?

Chances are there are a number of local Chevy dealerships in your area offering the best inventory in the region. While new Chevy dealers are able to offer manufacturer backed warranties and other offers, many may be surprised to learn that used Chevy dealers are also able to offer similar warranties and deals for some of their newer used stock. While local Chevy dealerships often take the time to inspect and ensure that their vehicles are in prime condition before selling, it is often a good idea for car buyers to do their research through one of the many vehicle comparison and background-check sites on the web to ensure that you are getting a good deal and that there is no uncertainty regarding the life of the vehicle. With some of the highest resale values for used vehicles and numerous JD Power awards for safety and performance, Chevy continues to define its role as one of our nation’s great automotive leaders.

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